Thursday, February 6, 2014

January 26, 2014

I loved the Bday presents. They're way fun.  I am so excited to have a small set of scriptures to meet with members and stuff like that.  They were way cooler than I thought they would be.  The cover is awesome.  I recently got a small Japanese triple comb. from honbu (Fukuoka) and I have been marking that up, so now I will have a marked up in both languages.  Used actually honbu Sunday when I was told during our meeting with the Branch Pres. that I was expected to give a talk today (yesterday).  Obviously I was scrambling to prepare something during Priesthood and Sunday School.  But in the end I didn't give anything I had prepared to.  I just talked about faith and miracles.  I hope it went well, but I honestly have no idea.  My comp said it was good, but no one else commented, so I am kind of doubting him right now.  Was way funny opening up my presents.  I opened up the Batman stuff first and as I kept going I kept thinking, "Wyatt.. Wyatt... Wyatt... this is obviously Wyatt's doing".  I actually got the package on Thursday and opened it, but obviously waited until Sat to open my presents. 

So after an interesting B-day weekend I am finally back to the usually missionary life.  Actually nothing changed after my b-day, so I am still continuing my mission life.  But I love it.  So last week we spent a lot of time trying to see Potential Investigators who we had found previously.  However many of them were either not home or busy when we tried to contact them, so we still don't have any investigators.  Moral of the story is, we are still spending a lot of time housing.  We have some plans to meet with members and less-actives so we will keep working on that and inspiring the members that Iizuka is not a dead area (although it's really hard sometimes).  The ward hasn't experienced a baptism in a year and a half or so and the most recent convert is less-active right now, so essentially if we can't change something soon, Iizuka is just going to shrink (all the members are already old right now).  Keep working though. 

Still haven't found a good curry shop, but we've gone out for sushi a couple times (something we never did on Amami).  Zone conference is next transfer, but we do get to see an Elder from the 70's come speak to our zone sometime next month.  Other than that, nothing particularly exciting. 

I love you all and hope you have a good week too.  Take care. 
RHM, Bromine, Iain, Elder Lee Choro

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