Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

So first off, nothing is changing.  Fender Choro and I are still companions and still working in IIzuka.  But Tenney Choro is leaving so a little sad.  I really like the members here.  There are about 22 who come to church each week and they are all really nice.  We have had the opportunity to meet with about half but some of them live rather far away and the others have been unavailable which is disappointing.  We also have three deaf members in our ward which makes things interesting.  My friend Tenney choro has been here for sixish months now so he is pretty good at the sign language, but since he's leaving now I really have to learn some fast.  It actually isn't that hard and you learn some Japanese at the same time, so it works out well.  We have a class every other week to learn some.  It's fun.  We are actually doing service for one of the deaf members today.  Will be fun. 
This week we have been way excited.  We got a new investigator and are super excited to actually have someone to teach.  But still a lot of housing. 
My apartment building has probably about 63 different apartments.  We have seven floors and I think 7 apartments to a floor, so, yeah.  It's cool.  We live about five minute walk from the church, or two minutes by bike, if that.  It's way close, like Amami. 
Unfortunately we have to go way far to get groceries.  There isn't anything all that close by, so we ride for like fifteen-twenty minutes.  But whatever.  It's a pain bringing the groceries home though. 
Every apartment has a washer, but we don't have a dryer so we have to hang dry stuff.  It works out ok I guess. 
The nihonjin in our apartment does a lot of the cooking because he is really good.  But we eat all sorts of different stuff.  I still probably like okonomiyaki (the pancake things) the best.  I love everything though.  We just eat out rarely, but recently we went out to ramen a couple times and I've gone to sushi twice now.  Way fun, way good. 
We have had terrible weather the past week.  When I last emailed it was warm and now it is not.
The only other things I was thinking of for a package was my voice recorder and the other sd card.  Also if you want to put music on the sd card that fine too.  But don't worry about it too much.  I loved the music.  Don't have time, but don't send a package until I've gotten a chance to email again (ie. next week). 
Have to go.  Love you.  Stay well. 

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