Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Transfer 10, Week 1

So last week was transfer week although, surprise surprise, nothing happened.  I think I already informed you, but one of the Zone Leaders in my apartment changed.  It was sad to see him go, but I love the new one, so it`s all good.  It`s funny, though, because the old Zone Leader`s were together for 4 transfers (like 6 months) so they had a really good relationship.  But now the one who stayed is all like depressed and not himself.  I`m sure he`ll get over it, but separating after 6 months must be hard.  I feel kind of bad, because I`ve never felt like that after losing a companion (I just don`t have that kind of love I guess )-: ).  

No, you haven`t sent me any toothpaste.  We prepared sufficiently before I left.  What`s funny is that I looked through it again and I only have four left.  I started with eight and have used four, which means my calculations were right on track (woohoo).  I can always take peanut butter and graham crackers, but I really am trying to cut down on sugar, so don`t tempt me.  You could send me honey bunches of oats if you want, I eat cereal here, so that would be consumed fast.  Other than that I can`t really think of anything I need or could use (and I don`t want anything that I can`t use or carry around with me).  Maybe some more socks (those nice ones that I may or may not have accidentally thrown away in an attempt to be more tidy.  If you don`t remember that`s cool too.  yeah.  Sorry, but I love you.  

The zoo was cool.  The zoos in Japan are smaller (obviously because they don`t really have land here) so the animals seem really  bored.  But other than that there pretty much the same.  They have a few monkies and bears that are unique to asia, but no pandas.  Yeah.  But it`s fun.  

We got to go to the temple on Saturday.  That was the highlight of the week.  It was great to remind myself of the covenants I`ve made and be able to feel the Spirit so strongly.  I honestly forgot how much I love the temple and when I get home I want to go a lot.  However, on my mission if I don`t get to go again, I`ll be fine.  I need to focus on this work anyways.  I just keep thinking that going through the temple when you`re married must have so much more meaning.  

We weren`t really able to meet with any of our investigators this week, which was a bummer.  But we did get to meet with a former Investigator.  He has met with missionaries quite a few times now and is hardcore Buddhist.  His sect is called Nichirenshu.  Essentially, in Japan you have three kinds of Buddhists.  1.The people who say they are Buddhist but don`t really believe it and don`t really do anything about it.  2.SGI which is a newer branch and has actually been growing lately.  They believe in almost all of the same stuff, but they have a leader, Ikeda sensei, who they listen to and tells them what to do.  They actively proselyte and try to bring people into their religion.  They are very stubborn and reject our message very quickly.  3. Nichirenshu are the strong believers and requires some effort and studies.  Pretty much all the people who are not SGI and care about Buddhism are in this sect.  Very devout and very philosophical.  They think things through very logically and don`t accept anything unless it has evidence of some sort.  
The former Investigator we met with was of the last sect and he and some of his colleagues came to discuss doctrine with us.  He wanted to hear our opinion on some things like, "if there is an all knowing and powerful God who loves us, why does He create things like the Wilconson (some virus that`s killing people in Africa; I have no idea what he was talking about but apparently it`s recent) that kills people and makes them suffer?" and "how could we claim to be the true church when everyone else is too and we don`t have evidence of Joseph Smith`s vision."  Stuff like that.  It was fun but I don`t think it went anywhere.  Got to bear my testimony though, that was good.  He wouldn`t accept any of our evidence that the Book of Mormon is true or any other stuff, so that was frustrating.  If people`s hearts aren`t open though, there`s nothing you can do.  

Other than that, lots of finding.  I still have the desire to work and talk to people, so at least we`re trying to go somewhere. 

Love you guys.  Sounds like you`re having fun.  

Love you, 
Elder Lee