Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 17, 2014

Being a missionary has totally changed my perspective of missionaries.  It is way fun, but while at our zone p-day today I realized how much I like just the regular mission schedule and doing real hard dendou work.  It makes you feel good, even if it is rather tedious at times (like when you house 50 doors and no one wants to listen).  But I have learned to love it so much.  It`s just a missionary thing too.  After my two years ends I can`t stop people and just preach anymore.  The changes.  This has just sunk in so much more recently.  Missionaries use the atonement so much each day.  I have at least.  It has been so important for me so that I can keep the Spirit with me at all times.  Without the Spirit this work has no hope for success and I need it so much to know the things I need/should do.  I have learned to love the Savoir so much personally.  And as I have read Jesus the Christ I have learned so much about his life.  It is way cool.  I understand so much more now.  I love it.  It has given me so much more of a desire to share that I didm`t realize could happen.
We gathered this weekend for zone p-day in Fukuoka.  It was fun, we played sports and checked out castle ruins.  Yesterday was Stake Conference so we came for that with a member and then stayed all day doing streeting (approaching people on the street and sharing a message) and other dendou.  It was fun but tiring.  We are emailing here in Fukuoka and then going home and finishing shopping and stuff.  Fun times but I want to go back to the normal schedule really bad now.  Transfers throw everything off.  

Tenney choro went to a place called Kure, which is in the Hiroshima zone.  He is there with Parker choro my best friend from Amami.  So now my two best friends in the mission are in Hiroshima without me.  Darn!  Sounds like so much fun though.  

I feel like it`s been forever since being at BYU and miss it at times, but I also feel like my life is change, the constant change of missionaries and areas and stuff.  A missionaries life is change.  It`s fun but stressful sometimes.  But I think this transfer will be fun.  We're starting off this transfer with some investigators now, still working hard.  Our new investigators are young and we might be able to have a couple baptismal dates by the end of next transfer.  We are excited for the success we have found recently.  It comes of course after weeks of hard work.  

Love you so much.  I can`t think of anything else for you to send, but I feel like I have forgotten something due to the recent stress and lots of stuff to do and no time and stuff, so wait for me to think another week please.  I love you, be safe. 

Lee 長老 

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