Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Transfer 7: Week 2

Things in Yanai are doing well.  We haven`t gotten lost in a while, so definitely an improvement.  I really like the ward here.  It`s still weird to have so many people you can`t remember all of their names, but the members are great; church definitely isn`t quiet anymore (in my past areas Sacrament Meeting was dead silent).  Yanai is a small town.  There isn`t a lot here, but we are very close to the ocean so some P-day we want to ride along and check it out.  There is an island nearby that has a bridge crossing over it, so we might ride our bikes over the bridge when we get the chance.  We can`t see the ocean from most parts of where we work, but when we ride the train, it goes right along the ocean.

On Saturday we went to Ube for ZTM (Zone Training Meeting).  Every transfer (every 6 weeks) we have training by the Zone Leaders, which is fun, but it cuts out most of our working time.  In Iizuka it wasn`t too much of a problem because it was just an hour away.  But it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to Ube and another 2 1/2 hours to get back.  It was a huge pain.  The trains are rather convenient for missionaries, but in Yamaguchi they all go really slow.  The whole prefecture is just straight up rural.  We left the apartment at 6:30am and got back to Yanai at 4:15ish.  We didn`t eat anything in between, so we made sure to stop and eat before we went back out.  

Today I need a hair cut and we need to do some dry cleaning, so we aren`t doing anything fun yet, but I finally have a companion who likes to do stuff on P-day, so we should be able to see some cool stuff (if we can find anything to do in this podunk town).  Anderson choro and I are doing great.  He is really fun to work with and we are able to teach well together (something that as a missionary is critical).  I haven`t had bad companions, per se, but we didn`t get along great or have the same vision of where we need to go, so this is a nice change.  He also likes jazz, so that gives us something to talk about sometimes.  But we have been able to focus on the work and I think we will see some miracles in the nearby future.  

Last week we did a lot of housing and didn`t get anywhere.  We did run into a couple of Former Investigators by accident though.  The problem is, we don`t have anybody right now who has very much interest.  Most of the people we talk to have already spoken with the missionaries before.  The only way I can think of to find new investigators is to astound them, but you can`t do that in just five words (hello, my name is Lee).  So I haven`t been too happy, but after reveiwing PMG, the scriptures and some other resources, I was reminded that our purpose is just to invite, and if they don`t accept than that`s not our fault, we just keep going until we find someone who is open to our message.  Like it says in the "Power of Everyday Missionaries" book,  You win when you invite (or succeed, I don`t remember exactly what it says).  

I hope you guys are doing well.  Do something fun for me (like a hike, or something) and send some photos.  I`d love to hear about that.  Love you,
Elder Lee

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 11, 2014

Transfer 7: Week 1

Well turned out I was transferring.  I am now in Yamaguchi, Yanai.  It also turns out I`m whitewashing (woohoo!).  My new companion is Anderson choro.  And we are the only two in the branch where we are now serving.  

So Tuesday evening (4:30) we got the call from the APs.  We were actually just about to go out and see a member, so we didn`t have the opportunity to email or anything.  I was told that I was going to be leaving and heading up north to Yanai, with an old friend from Amami island (my first area).  I was thrilled when I heard we were going to be companions.  But I was shocked when I realized that we were whitewashing.  WW is when you and your companion enter an area together at the same time.  They take out the old missionaries and put two brand new ones in.  So neither my comp. or I know anything about Yanai.  

Thursday morning I went to hakata station (in Fukuoka) and boarded a bus that took me up to Yamaguchi.  Afterward I jumped on a train and came the rest of the way to Yanai.  Surprisingly, I met up with Anderson choro when I boarded the train.  The train came and as it stopped we saw each other.  We were both surprised and it was pretty funny.  We hadn`t seen each other since he left Amami (my second transfer, in September) so it was cool seeing him again.  We arrived at Yanai station at 4:00ish (I left Iizuka at 8:00am).  Was a long day but a member picked us up at the station, gave us our phone and keys, and drove us to our apartment.  

We got to meet a quaker from Australia on Friday which was kind of funny.  We talked a little bit and then went to find a member.  We have spent a lot of our time so far finding members and people/places in the area, but it has been good and I think we will have a great fun time this transfer.   I love the area and the people here and I love you guys.  

Elder Lee