Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Transfer 15  Week 2

My first view of Miyako

(Iain transferred last week to the island Miyako, between Okinawa and Taiwan.  Iain met his current companion at a ward event while he was serving in Kumamoto, before his companion was a missionary.  One of his flat mates was his companion when he was serving in Yanai)  

It`s pretty warm here now.  The humidity is terrible and we are sweating a ton.  It`s super fun.  I love it here.  We ran this morning for exercise and met the water`s edge after just 15 min.  It`s way fun.  Little sad we can`t swim, but oh well.  

Over the weekend there was a Triathlon which was like a huge event for Miyako.  All of the young people, teenagers and whatnot were acting like it was the only interesting thing that had ever happened on the island.  We got to volunteer on Friday to help out with the sign-in stuff for foreigners, so we got a shirt and a hat that say we are officials for the Triathlon.  Kind of interesting, but we were there for 6 hours and there were so many volunteers and so few athletes coming to our table we were completely unnecessary.  But we got lunch and clothing, so whateves.  

We found a couple of investigators who have met with missionaries before.  They were cool and we are going to go back and teach some time.  The people are all super nice and many of them have free time, so they`ll just talk to us.  Way fun.  

Yep, same Anderson choro with the flat (this happened in Yanai).  Elder West (his current companion) was going around with a few friends and just happened to show up the same night as the sports activity.  He`s actually from Tokyo and his mom`s Japanese, Dad`s from Utah.  Way funny guy.  We`re having lots of fun together as he really wants to work hard and be a good missionary too.  

I don`t know how the humidity will change how I feel.  Although I think I will enjoy the heat without the humidity when I get home.  I think it`ll just be nice to be hot without swimming in sweat all the time.  

There aren`t the same eating places in this area as my last ones (like Amami), but what they have is good.  The members here have actually fed us quite a bit.  Thanks for the package, I love it.  Tell Parker I say hi.  Also, we happened to have a lot of peanut butter from the Okinawa base (they mailed it to us apparently).  But Trader Joes is so much better (the other stuff is like Jiff and Skippy, etc.).  I miss Trader Joes and Natural foods stuff.  Love you guys.  

No crazy bugs or anything, although my companion freaked out about a few of them the other day.  I`ll send you some pictures after.  

The island is awesome.  Also, we go to Naha this week for special training.  Apparently the next time I email you will be on an iPad.  Don`t know but we`ll see.  

Love you guys, hope you have an awesome week.  
Elder Lee

Iain on the beach in Miyako

Flat mates Elders Anderson & De La Paz and his companion Elder West