Monday, March 17, 2014

March 16, 2014

It is officially the last full week of the transfer.  Next Tues. we will be receiving transfer calls, so don't be surprised if my email comes a little later than usual.  I already have a guess at what is going to happen.  But first, last week we had Zone conference.  Gustafson Kaicho did a lot of training himself about how to dendou and stuff.  It was really good.  He did a lot of problem solving by asking questions and helping us figure out how to resolve investigator's concerns.  Now if my investigator has any questions or concerns I know what to do (better at least). 

This week we got 2 new investigators.  They were people we had met a couple weeks ago but only recently had been able to teach again.  But now they are learning and we hope soon to be progressing.  We are so excited.  I have realized lately that since I have been in Iizuka I have done around 1.2 thousand contacts or talked with 1.2 thousand people.  That is a ridiculously large amount.  But out of those only three have been willing to listen (one of the investigators came to us, so wasn't really a contact on our part).  Fender Choro and I spent the entire first four to five weeks housing and trying to talk with our PI's, but with no avail.  But after our hard work, after suffering through a seemingly endless amount of time trying and trying, we finally have people to teach. 

One of our investigators is way cool.  He just graduated high school and is about to move to Fukuoka (which is a bummer for us) and is going to the Police Academy there.  He is so cool.  Last week we asked him to pray and when we asked him how his prayer went, he told us this.  I was taking my drivers test and I said a prayer to help me get through it.  I was able to pass.  When we heard this we were so happy.  He understood how and when to pray.
The next new investigator is a college student going to Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT) and is from China.  He is way awesome and is investigating all the churches to find the right one.  He has a lot of amazing questions.  We get to teach him again on Wednesday.  But the great thing is he found us.  We were leaving the church and one of the members called us and told us to come back.  We met him and he said he was looking for a church and wanted to know why ours was different.  Needless to say we were shocked.  It was probably one of the greatest shocking things I have seen on my mission.  There aren't a lot of times when I am at a loss for words because something was so great.  But that was one of them. 
Also, one of our investigators came to church.  It was awesome.  He brought his whole family too.  Overall there were six of them (including 3 kids).  They couldn't stay for long, but we got to introduce them and show them around a little bit.  He said he would try to come again next week.  I think one of the greatest things was that it proved to the members we are doing something and that we can change and grow this ward. 
I have seen so many miracles and I love this mission so much.  I love it here (I have thought a lot about moving back to Japan after BYU).  The people are great.  I think Fender Choro and I will be here again next transfer together, so I will get to continue seeing the growth Heavenly Father has in store for this ward.  I get to see the Lord's hand every day and it is magnificent. 
At the moment there are no Spring Festivals, but we are about to get into festival season.  Next week or the week after the Cherry Blossoms bloom.  I am sooo excited.  I have heard so much about how awesome they are.  But for Japan Spring is still a week or two away.  But it is definitely getting warmer.  We are so much happier now.  The sun makes housing so much easier.  Also the fact that we have seen so many miracles lately inspires us even more. 

Oh, and yesterday I gave a talk.  I just talked a little about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how when you simplify it there are three steps: Opening(Faith), Changing(Repenance), and Acting(Baptism, Keeping Commandments, etc.).  Through those things we gain the happiness of the Atonement. 
I like how in your emails mom said there are 17 missionaries serving from our Stake, but dad said 14.  You guys should probably figure out which one is correct. 

I am glad Kristin Kimball is alright.  I remembered to pray for her this week, so hopefully that helped.  Also it is a good thing Mom is better because that would have been really bad if she was still sick.  Wyatt has a lot of work to do though, right?  So his sickness could turn into a real problem for him.  Maybe if you guys take some of Dad's super human immune blood and squirt it at him he will get better. 
Super excited for my package.  Thanks.  Love you guys lot's.  I like the glasses by the way (Kelly got some new glasses, sent a photo to Iain for his opinion). 
Elder Lee
Lee Choro