Friday, February 7, 2014

February 2, 2014

Somehow this transfer has been really short.  I feel like I can't already have been here five weeks, but at the same time we haven't seen much of a change in Iizuka.  We haven't found any investigators or really changed any less-actives, but somehow it has been really fun.  I have learned a ton, about people about teaching, about myself.  But I have also realized that being diligent is a personal choice.  I realized that I really need to be dilligent of my own accord and not rely on the fire of others.  By being senior comp I realized the amount of affect I can have on our companionship.  So I have realized I really need to motivate myself or else nothing gets done.  Which is really hard because I am really lazy.  But as I realized yesterday I am probably the hardest working lazy person ever, so if I can just give myself a motivation I will be happy in the work. 
But it sounds like LA is really fun.  I don't understand any of the photos at all, you will have to explain them.  But they are all really cool.  Have fun with Kristin, say hi for me. I got your package on Friday.  I loved it, thanks.  But unfortunately I am out of peanut butter again.  So I have assembled the perfect package list that you can send anytime you feel like I need a package. 

  • one cheeze-it bag
  • three of those awesome peanut butter jars
  • a bag of Homemade cookies
  • one box of graham crackers
Keep sane, don't stress, love ya,

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