Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 1, 2015

Transfer 14 Week 1

Been with my new companion for 5 days now.  He is such a good bean, I don't know how I ended up with him.  He is super spiritually prepared and ready to go out and share the gospel.  Obviously there is still stuff that I am needing to show him how to do but we are working super well together.  

His name is Elder Welch; from Syracuse Utah (Ogden area) and he is super chill.  He played some football and other sports, but is more of the quiet, thinker type.  He has an awesome testimony of the gospel and knows what he's talking about.  It's funny because I was told I need to help my bean get good at Personal Study; but he is already great at it.  His Japanese is also really good for a bean; I was surprised.  When we are talking to people on the street, I'll turn to him and ask him to testify/teach a certain principle and he will give a great explanation of it with an awesome testimony.  

My companion went to Ube (Yamaguchi zone; same zone as Yanai was).  Super sad; I loved working with him.  I feel as soon as I really come to love someone, or an area, I get transferred.  But such is life.  The apartment is mostly the same, but with 2 new people, the feeling of the place changed quite a bit.  We got a Brazilian in our apartment again; Cascardi choro.  He is super funny and a way hard worker.  I think this transfer is going to be super fun with all the awesome people here.  

So yesterday we were going out to dendo and we talked to this guy on the street.  I decided to test him/God/new technique out.  I don't really know, but I asked him if he know anything about Jesus.
He said yes, he was hung on a crass; 
I said, do you know why?
He said, no
I said, He died but was resurrected so that we can be resurrected to
He said, oh, cool.  (no interest in his expressions)
I asked, what if that is true?  You think it's important?  
I turned to Elder Welch.  Why is it important?
Elder Welch bore his testimony of eternal families and how Jesus Christ brings happiness.  I followed up and said we were talking about this and because it's important we wanted to meet again and talk.  
He said, sure.  (no emotion in his face whatsoever)
I told him, at the church 7:00pm okay?
We exchanged phone numbers too.  I have no idea what was going on, but although he didn't seem like he had any interest at all, he agreed to meet with us at the church and exchange phone numbers.  We call to confirm tomorrow night.  I don't get it; why are all the people who actually have interest so uninterest-ly looking.  He had no emotion or expressions whatsoever, but he was super chill.  

Other experience of the night.  A few people after that we met a Canadian who was hoofing it from the bottom of Kagoshima (literally the bottom of Japan) to Hokkaido.  He was super chill.  We talked for like twenty minutes.  It was awesome because the conversation was super natural.  We talked about what he was doing, why he was here, then he asked us, we told him.  Then I said we were sharing a message about Jesus Christ, do you believe anything.  
No, not really.  I was baptized catholic, but you know...
Well, we are talking about Jesus Christ.  Would you interesting in listening for a few minutes? 
We talked about Jesus and why He's important to us.  Then we continued a conversation about how nice Japanese people are and then I said something that brought up the Book of Mormon.  He said he had lots of time to read.  He only brought 2 books; "The Paths in Between" or something like that and "Into the Wild", which he said he had read like 3-5 times now.  So we suggested him a new read.  He took the Book of Mormon and said he would read it.  When he meets his Mormon friends in Canada again, they will be so surprised; it'll be awesome.  

Anyway, other than that we went to Costco today with a member.  It was fun, but we spent a ton of money.  At least we wont have to buy laundry detergent for months now.  
Love you, hope you have a great week,
Elder Lee

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