Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 23, 2015

Transfer 14 Week 4

Hey!  This week was awesome.  On Thursday we had a Zone Conference in Hiroshima and we learned more about how to teach and stuffs.  And then on Saturday we had another conference with Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the 12.  Way cool.  Learned a lot.  We actually went down to Fukuoka on Friday and spent the night there.  We had a little extra time so we did a little finding.  Then we got up early because the conference started at like 8 something.  And then we learned about the iPads that our mission will be getting soon.  I don't think they will come for another month or 2, but we'll see.  A lot of the missionaries are super excited.  I would be except that I won't have them for that long and I don't think it'll really affect my mission all that much.  But whateves.

It's warmer in Hiroshima, except today is a little chilly.  The last few days, though, have been super warm.  The missionaries from Idaho and Utah (ie the new missionaries) are already complaining about the heat.  I'm still cold.  Weird.  

Today we will have a big Zone p-day with all the people in Hiroshima.  It will be way fun and I will try and take lots of pictures.  Unfortunately today and the conference on Saturday were some of my last times to see people before they or I die (missionary speaking).  Kind of sad.  But it'll be way fun.  

Thanks for the package!  I love the chocolate and peanut butter.  Nothing better.  It's funny because I didn't realize there was anything else in the chocolates' package.  Then I opened it last night and I found the peanut butter and letter.  Way funny.  Thanks, love you.  

Have an amazing, fantastical week!
Elder Lee

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