Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015

Transfer 14 Week 2

This week went pretty well.  Bit tired, but making dendo fun.  I am trying really hard to make dendo fun for E. Welch because I don't want him to start thinking that his whole mission will be hard like this.  

Last week we talked to a ton of people.  Almost none of them would talk for more than a few seconds.  I don't know what changed, but I feel like the whole feeling of the area has changed now.  I feel like E. Kemp and I were at least teaching more and talking to more slightly interested people.  We just get a lot of straight up no's.
But it's good, we met some cool people too.  E. Welch is coming along and seems to be a little more open and less stressed.  Yesterday we were able to laugh and have fun while we were dendoing and even met a Catholic lady who talked for a little while.  

No, E. Welch has not had any extensive language training.  But from talking to him it sounds like he had good MTC teachers and learned a lot there.  He is also very determined to be a good missionary.  I think he is going go far.  I have a feeling I am companions with someone who has amazing potential to be one of the best missionaries.  

Thanks for the Grace quote.  I actually read that talk last week.  One of the guys in our apartment lent it to me.  It is super good.  Brad Wilcox is an amazing speaker.  Did you know he was the Director of my first EFY?  I still remember the couple times I got to talk to him.  His talks are super funny too.  

Yes, Hiroshima is rainy.  None of us like rain, so I am trying to lift the mood and act like I love the rain.  We'll see how it works.  It's funny, because I feel like we could give CA a bunch of our rain and it wouldn't do anything to Japan, but save CA.  Oh well.  It's getting a little warmer though.  Hopefully by next week it will become a little more like Spring.  

Unfortunately I have become the best cook in the apartment.  That means nothing; I am still not good.  But no-one else wants or feels like they can, so the responsibility is left to me.  It's not so bad.  I made a list of the simple things I can make and just go through the list.  It actually doesn't taste half-bad sometimes.  

Thanks for you letters!  Love you!

Elder Lee

PS Colin once asked me if there was anything I wanted.  I can't really think of much, but yesterday we made some ground pork and I was reminded of peach salsa.  That, and peanut butter and crackers are pretty good.  Not that it's a big deal, I'll be home soon enough, but if you were thinking about sending anything, or if someone else asked, those things are awesome.  

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