Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 16, 2015

Transfer 14:  Week 3

This past week we got to do some service and talk to some really cool people.  We had a lesson with someone who spoke some really good English.  It was really cool because he went to Southeast Asia for a while and learned English and stuff.  We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and personal conversion. 

We also met a lady last night who had met the missionaries in college like 20 years ago.  She spoke awesome English and after we talked a little about families, she said we could come back and talk more next week.  We are super excited to have lessons.  It's even better because they all speak English.  I'm sure Elder Welch is super happy.  He is still doing really good.  

The weather in the past couple of days has gotten really good.  It has been so warm I don't even have to wear thermal underwear anymore.  Which is great because they were becoming kind of a pain in the butt (or at least in the hair legs).  

I was thinking about people at home recently and was thinking how fun it will be to see all the cousins and family back in Utah and Colin, Grandma & Grandpa and Heather and so on.  I'm kind of sad I can't visit Grandma in Sebastapol anymore though.  I also randomly thought about Carol Jewel.  I think it would be kind of cool to meet and talk to her again when I get back.  

But I don't really have time to think too much about that.  We are working hard and talking to lots of good people.  We have a couple of people to teach now and hopefully, Heavenly Father will continue to give us more. 
I really love this area and the Ward.  On Saturday we had a Ward activity in which they had us missionaries be in a skit.  I don't know if I told you last week, but one of the members wrote a skit and was directing us as we acted.  She totally reminded me of Caryn.  Super funny.  The other missionaries were not happy at all to be "wasting time" on the play like that, but I thought it was pretty fun and in the end I think they might have come to enjoy it too.  The members in this ward really love us.  It's super fun here.  

I got a couple recipes from the party on Saturday (they had a ton of food there).  Making lots of salads to go with chicken and stuff we make on the stove.  Remember how I used to hate salad?  Nothing special.  

This Thursday we have a Zone Conference in Hiroshima which will be super fun.  But then on Saturday we will have another Conference in Fukuoka in which Elder Nelson from the quorum of the 12 will be coming and speaking to us.  Apparently this starts our training of the iPads.  We will be getting "extensive" training on how to use the iPads and stuff I guess.  At the end of Aprilish, we will get them.   

I am super excited to hear Elder Nelson speak.  This will be the first time in Japan, 2nd time in my mission, hearing from an apostle.  Super exciting.  And then we get to have General Conference.  Lots of great things going on in the nearby future.  

Love you, have a good week!
Elder Lee

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