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May 25, 2014

Transfer 7: Week 3

Hello!  It`s raining again.  The law of Monday rain has finally carried over from Amami.  I think it`s a Japanese problem.  Seriously every Monday (sometimes Tuesday too) it rains.  I can`t decide whether it`s Japan or that God just has a good sense of humor.  

Anyhoo, we handed out copies of the Book of Mormon!!!  Woo.  It`s actually been quite a while since I`ve done that.  People in Japan just don`t like taking stuff for free.  Particularly because if they take a Book of Mormon they think they are obligating themselves, something which they don`t like to do.  Admittedly they are obligating themselves due to the fact that we really want to teach them about the gospel, but they should be okay with that too.  

Now the big news of the week.  I have been bursting with this all week.  Last monday, after email, we met an older man by the name of Sakae-san.  He knows people living in CA.  Guess what town they live in.  Nope, Woodland.  They live in Woodland.  His sister is apparently a Christian and has Mormon friends.  She would be around 70`s and her son (I think, maybe Grandson) lives there too.    Her name is Shimada, Sayoko.  Her son (grandson) is Jeffrey Hendrick (again not exactly sure if that`s right).  He sad they might be Mormon (I don`t think so) and they definitely have Mormon friends.  You should find them.  I`m not sure how, but you should.  How many Japanese people could there be in Woodland.  Just go knocking on doors until you find them.  If we work on both ends we`ll create a strong mormon family (baptism!!!).  

We went on Junkai (exchanges) with the Zone Leaders.  It was interesting because the one I went with didn`t seem to have a lot of dendo fire, but he contacted every person we could.  I took that and decided that even though I am not the most enthusiastic about contacting, I can do the same and talk to everybody.  

Also, yesterday we took over church.  We were asked last week by the Elders Quorum President to teach in Elders Quorum about love (Pres. Monson`s GC Talk).  Then we got a call by the Branch Pres. last minute to teach the gospel principles class.  So we taught during 2/3`s of church.  That was interesting.  We also didn`t have a lot of time to prepare because Kaicho (mission Pres.) asked us to do a special study assignment this week.  And we had to plan for a lot of PI`s (potential investigators) so we had no time at all.  But looking back I think we should and could have done more prep. and I feel bad about that.  So will do better next time.  

Also you guys should read Elder Ballard`s talk about Following Up for FHE.  It`s awesome and I think you would enjoy it.  Love you and have a good week.  

Elder Lee

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