Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

Transfer 7: Week 5

Let me first apologize for forgetting my camera.  Sorry.  I didn`t realize until about 2 seconds ago when I started emailing.  That is really lame.  Ok.  

This week was rather interesting.  Last week I didn`t really have much to say, but now I have a decent amount (i really wanted to show some photos though).  We went to Ooshima, an island connected to the mainland by a large bridge, and took lots of pictures.  It was lots of fun.  It took us about 35min to get to the island, where we decided to climb a mountain to get the best photos.  There was a lookout point on top that was pretty cool, but it took us another 35min to get to the top.  We would have been fine, but as soon as we started our descent, Anderson choro got a punk (flat).  So we walked our bikes down the mountain.  We then walked to the train station in the hopes of catching a train, but they don`t allow bikes on board.  So we walked back.  It took about 2hrs and 15-30min to get back to the apartment (from top of the mountain).  We were exhausted but then had to ride to an FHE activity that the ward held because our eikaiwa (english class) students were there.  We actually had a really good conversation about the gospel, so turned out well.  But unfortunately I have been tired this whole week because of that trip.  

The second good news is our new investigator.  He is in his twenties and loves to swim.  We found him on Thursday while we were knocking on doors.  He came out to the door (which is unusual) and then invited us into his house.  I was immediately suspicious because every time this has happened in the past, they didn`t want to hear our message and then asked us to leave (which is really awkward and then your like, "why`d you let us into your house if you didn`t know who we were?" Just really weird people).  Well this time was legit.  He said he had seen the missionaries a lot before because they met with his older brother.  His brother speaks English apparently and loved the missionaries, so this guy, kurusu-san, was influenced by the missionaries too.  Kurusu said his curiosity was peaked by those missionaries and lately he has thought a lot about God and what He is and how he can know for himself.  We shared with him the Book of Mormon and our testimonies of how we came to know it is true.  He was excited and really wanted to meet again.  Kurusu is really cool and might come to eikaiwa too.  We are super excited to work with him.  

Finally, I have a new companion!  No it wasn't transfer week (that`s next week).  We had an emergency transfer and Yanagida choro came to Yanai.  yes, he is Japanese; his kanji means willow field.  He is coming from Mihara, Hiroshima and whats more, Tenney choro and Parker choro and Robinson choro were in his last district (two of my best friends in the mission whom I roomed with and my previous companion, all of whom I love).  One poor elder got sick and went back to America, so Yanagida choro came here and now we are three man.  It is interesting and I am excited to get to work with a new elder (particularly a Japanese elder) but I don`t really like working as a threesome; I had enough of it in Iizuka.  But we have had a good time so far and I am looking forward to the next week.  Most likely someone is transfer and it will be twoman again, so I am not too worried.  

I have come to really love this branch.  The people are awesome and some of them are just so cool.  We are trying to get a better relationship with the youth and maybe we can find some new young investigators.  Fingers crossed.  Love you guys and hope you`re well.  I promise I will send lots of pictures next week.  I wanted to just send photos with descriptions instead of this normal email but alas, my memory sucks.  Hope Wyatt has a good time at EFY and whatnot.  Don`t hold back, it's all fun.  

Love you,
Elder Lee

(PS when you guys called me Iain on the phone I was super weirded out.  It will be an adjustment getting called by my first name again, but I think I will enjoy it).  

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