Monday, June 2, 2014

June 1, 2014

Transfer 7: Week 4

Well I finally feel satisfied with a p-day.  Last week we walked around what they call "White-Wall Street".  It has some interesting history and stuff, so we walked around and took some pictures.  It wasn`t the coolest thing I`d ever seen, but they had some old stuff that was at least worth while.  I have just had so many companions who don`t want to do anything interesting, it`s nice to have a comp. who doesn`t want to waste his p-days either.  Today we might go to the nearby island, if it`s not raining.  Otherwise we will go and check out a cake shop that a member told us about.  I meant to send some photos, but I forgot my camera at the apartment.  Next week for sure. 
Lately I have done a lot of study from the Old Testament.  Anderson Choro has a bunch of talks from Education Week (at BYU) and some other places.  I really like this one guy named Michael Wilcox (for future note I also like Scott Anderson).  He gave a talk called "Treasures from the Pearl of Great Price" or something like that.  But he spent about 40 minutes just talking about Moses Chapter 1.  It is amazing.  But he said something about Moses and how God prepared Moses to deal with the children of Israel because they were not obedient.  I decided to read Moses` life story and have found that there are so many things to be gained from him.  We aren`t all that similar, but I feel that sometimes I can understand and/or relate to him which makes the story really interesting.  It is amazing that no matter how many times God performs miracles through Moses, Israel still complains.
Moses at one point says dealing with Israel is so hard that he would be willing to die if God willed it.  God obviously tells him no, but I thought that was really interesting.  Prophets sometimes have a perfect appearance, like there is no way I could ever be like them, but you can see where Moses faulters and he just seems like a real person, so I feel like he is more relatable.       

Hope you guys have a good week.  Love you.  Sorry I didn`t write much.  I don`t think much happened this week.  But I will send photos with explanations next week, promise.  

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