Monday, June 23, 2014

June 22, 2014

Transfer 8, Week 1

Guess what!  I got transfered again!  Surprise! 
I was so sad to leave Yanai.  Yanai was such a great place and I really loved the people there too.  Instead I got one last call from my trainer (Mukaitani Choro) and was told I was needed in Kumamoto.  So yeah.  I`m now in Kumamoto, Nagamine Ward.  Apparently there are about a hundred or so members of my ward, which is awesome.  I look forward to meeting all of them and I think it will be a great experience.  Yesterday and Saturday were Stake Conference, a special dendou one on Saturday and yesterday a conference that was broadcast from Tokyo and featured some of the church leaders including a member of the twelve (sorry I forgot who).  Was interesting but we didn`t really get to meet any of our members because we helped out the Nagamine Sisters with a lesson and there were just so many people that we couldn`t tell who was from where.  Exciting stuff. 
So, Kumamoto.  Really big city and really cool.   It has four wards (Tsuboi, Shimizu, Kumamoto and Nagamine) and each ward has a set of Elders and Sisters.  It`s ridiculous.  There are only two church buildings though, so Kumamoto and Nagamine share a building and the other two share a building.  I am sure when next Sunday rolls around I will be very confused who`s in which ward (Nagamine or Kumamoto).  But this area is much less rural than my previous areas.  The funny part is that it`s still the most rural out of the four area`s in Kumamoto.  We actually are emailing in a library in Tsuboi area because we came over with the Zone Leaders (who are in our apartment) and checked out the huge mall (called a shotengai).  We also ate some really good chicken tonkatsu, which is like a way to fry meat, and so far this P-day has been super fun.  I hope I will be able to enjoy this area as much as my last. 
As far as investigators and whatnot, apparently we have some, but the previous Elders left us almost no information, so we haven`t really been able to meet any yet.  But hopefully we can find some off our own steam soon.  I am really excited.  My new companion just came from Yamaguchi-ken, Shimonoseki, which is right at the bottom of Honshu (the biggest Japanese island).  He is actual my doki (same missionary age) but we never met in the MTC.  His name is Kirkham.  He was a wrestler, likes Pokemon, is a decent nerd and is actually rather quiet.  But we have gotten along well so far and I forsee no problems into the future. 
Which leads me to my next comment; Whitewashing.  Yes, I am again whitewashing.  This is a little different though, because unlike Yanai where the previous Elders left us with nothing, and Iizuka, where we made it fourman so there was nothing before us anyway, Nagamine has some investigators.  Actually apparently we have one with a Baptismal Date.  However we haven`t talked to him yet and don`t have a phone number.  We finally got the address and tried to visit last night, but he wasn`t home.  Hopefully he is home tonight.  But yeah, so fun stuff.  In a couple of weeks I hope we can check out Kumamoto castle and I`ll send you some photos, but that brings us to my last problem.  No, I did not forget my camera today.  The library computers don`t have an access function.  So next week (we normally email at the church so it should be fine next week).  Hope you guys have a good time in San Diego, say Hi to Colin for me.  

Love you,
Elder Lee

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