Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Transfer 6 Week 2

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend, week, whatever in Utah.  You all made sure to say hi to the cousins for me right?  So I am still on foot.  We have been walking everywhere and it takes forever so I will be so happy when we get bikes again.  Unfortunately because Knighton choro is so tall, we needed to get a big bike and ordered it.  But we won't get it for another week, so going to continue to walk for a while. 
We decided that this trasfer we are going to see a baptism, so we have been working super hard to find an investigator who will accept baptism.  Of course, right after setting this goal we lost the use of bikes (as previously stated) and haven't been able to meet with most of our normal PI's and Investigators.  I, at least, have started to become desperate (like Christensen says in his book) and I hope the "Law of Desperation" will set in.  We think that this weekend is the perfect opportunity for people to come because it is General Conference. 
This week we are working on faith and believe that if we try our hardest we will be able to see results. 
What frustrates me right now, is something that up 'till now I have thought was a good thing.  So we talk all the time to people on the street and we get to teach lots of little lessons and I feel like we are really changing some people's hearts.  But at the same time, we haven't seen any results and nothing is changing.  So although I love talking to people and sharing the gospel a little, I also feel like it is pointless because in the big scheme of things, we aren't doing anything.  I still haven't really gotten people to come to Sacrament meeting, I haven't really ever taught past an overveiw of Lesson 2 (Plan of Salvation) and I am starting to get the feeling that if we can't see a change soon, it isn't going to happen.  Maybe this area, Iizuka, will never see anything beyond investigators, no Recent Converts, no baptisms.  I feel like we can change this area with God's help, but I almost feel like He doesn't want to change here just yet, so I feel useless.  If God wants to see a change He obviously can, He doesn't need me for that, but if He doesn't want to, than what am I here for?  Am I just stalling?  I feel like we can and should see success, but we don't and then I just think, "what the heck?!?!".  But I guess I just need to be patient with God's timing. 

Love you, hope your week goes well.
Elder Lee

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