Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 21, 2014

Transfer 6: Week 4

We should be able to pick up the bike today so finally we won't be walking, but recently we have gotten really good and will probably be fantastic hikers when we get back.  The weather has been warming up and then getting cool, warming, cooling, but overall it is getting hot.  I suspect in the next couple of weeks we will be sweating like pigs.  

I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to share a couple of funny stories.  Japanese are very interesting and since we talk to everyone, we meet some interesting people.  

Yesterday we got to teach our investigator, ai-san.  She has four kids all of whom are quite rambuncious, but the youngest boy (shu, 5yrs) is hilarious.  Everytime we come over he runs over to us and says hi, asks what's in our bags, and yesterday he started just bringing us out a bunch of food.  It was so funny.  But he brought out this squid jerky that was made in beer or something (I don't know exactly what's up with that) but it was nasty.  Hard, chewy and some weird salty gross flavor.  

But we were able to have a great lesson with her.  We decided to actually read some scriptures with her, which I have been hesitant beforehand because I was not sure she would understand them, but when we read about the Atonement, she was really able to feel the Spirit I think.  

Afterwards we were able to meet with a potential investigator with a two year old daughter who is super cute.  She had these shoes that squeaked when she walked.  We got to use some new visual aids about prayer and teach her why prayer is important to her.  

Recently we one of the sister missionaries in our district made everyone some visual aids to use while teaching.  She is an amazing artist, so they look really good.  

The other day we ran into a British man who doesn't speak all that much Japanese.  When we started talking I didn't realize he was a foreigner, so I started speaking in Japanese.  He said something in english that I didn't catch to I started to talk again.  It was really funny because he walked inside to get his Japanese wife and then walked back out and asked if I spoke english.  I was really embarrassed.  But he said that religion was the essence of evil in this world and asked us to leave.  He was polite, but we didn't get to talk much.  He just seemed like a depressed old man, given up on the world.  

The other week we talked to a man who seemed like he would have listened to our message, but his wife came over and took over the conversation.  She gave the common excuse that she had a different religion so she couldn't listen to ours (no kidding).  We asked her what religion but she said she couldn't say.  She very abruptly turned us down at every turn and was really funny to watch (her husband was silently laughing the whole time).  He seemed cool, but she was just in a knot.  So we left.  

We taught a great lesson to a guy through his kitchen window.  He told us to come back so we're excited to talk through his window again (window to baptism).  

Our laundry is done at home and we hang our stuff out to dry.  I haven't been able to see many of my past comps but when I do it is great.  sometimes I email, but I haven't gotten the opportunity lately.  

All right, I have to go (email time is cut short today, we're going to the Fukuoka zoo as a zone p-day).  Love you, hope youe guys are well.  

Elder Lee

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