Monday, November 18, 2013

October 28, 2013

Having a blast!  Zone conference was pretty cool.  Got to see everybody from both Kagoshima and Kumamoto which was way cool (expecially because I don`t really know anybody).  We took a plane to Kagoshima and a three hour bus ride to Kumamoto, so I was really tired.  The whole Kagoshima district (minus the Sisters) stayed in the same four man apartment, so there were like sixteen or eighteen people in the same tiny apartment.  Crazy! 
For Zone Conference there were some elder missionaries who came and talked about health/safety and then Gustafson Shimai and Kaicho talked to us about the mission and different spiritual things.  It was way good.  At the end we had a "talent show" where missionaries got up and did different musical numbers.  It was good.  Unfortunately I had been getting a sore throat a couple days before and due to the travel we have not gotten much sleep.  Combine the two things and now I feel terrible.  I`m fine, it`s fun, but I will be glad when it is over and I can sleep.  The life of a missionary, am I right?
I don`t really have anything I need for Christmas, but I have been to Kumamoto now where it is freezing cold and likely to get colder.  On the off chance I get transfered, a sweater might be nice.  If when you send my Christmas package you can just send me a sweater, that would be great.  I haven`t gotten a chance to eat much of the food you sent me, but I tried the peanut butter and love it.  Other than some more peanut butter I am good. 
Japan has a ton of Holidays and they love to celebrate all sorts of random things.  But a lot of them are at the beginning of the year and I am also on an island, so...  In a few months when I get transfered off Amami, then I probably will get to see some Japanese holidays.  It`ll be way cool, I`m sure.  
Well the new puppy seems to be a lot of fun.  Too bad I won`t get to meet her for another two years.  When I heard about the new dog I was worried that she and Jock would not get along, but I guess that`s not been a problem, huh. 
I love it here.  Kagoshima is way cool.  Amami is great, but I want to go to a city like Kagoshima or Kumamoto soo bad!  Cities are so cool.  Amami does not have much of a city.  Comparing the two is like comparing Woodland and San Francisco.  Actually, take away Amami`s Beauty and Woodland`s Costco/all other big name stores (Target, etc.) and they are pretty much the same.  Except you can`t really leave Amami and Woodland is easy to leave. 
Also, I think the city you found is Kagoshima not Kumamoto.  I am in Kagoshima now and will spend more time here, but the zone conference was in Kumamoto.  There is a way big castle in Kumamoto that is way famous and looks way cool from what I`ve seen.  If I ever get to go to Kumamoto zone, then I`ll send you some pictures.  [Sorry, I forgot my camera on Amami, so I don`t have pictures of zone conference.]  Kagoshima has the big volcano.  The volcano errupts once a day and the whole city of Kagoshima is always covered in ash.  It is way funny.  There are constantly piles of ash everywhere.   
I don`t have a ton of time to email today.  But I still love you and hope you guys are well. 

Lee choro

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