Monday, November 18, 2013

November 3, 2013

Well we discovered that this week was almost useless as far as missionary work on Naze goes.  Actually that`s not completely true.  But it was definetly a not very effective week.  First off, we left the island right after church on Sunday so we didn`t do any missionary work on Sunday and then we were on Kyushu (the main island for our mission) until Thursday.  We usually do weekly planning on Thurs.  (a big planning session in which we talk about our investigators and figure out how to progress the work in Naze; usually takes half the day).  But we had a Halloween party on Thrusday and ended up spending the whole day planning and preparing for that.  The weather was great and the party turned out fantastic.  We had a whole 19 people show up including like eight youth/kids.  It was the most people I have ever seen at the church.  We had a less-active family show up, two investigators and someone we had never seen before.  And five members came, so it turned out fantastic.  A miracle; especially because we (well me at least) spent the whole day worrying about whether anyone would show up.  

But the next day the weather got bad again and we almost the whole day inside doing mandatory study and planning.  But we did get to see a less-active and help her move some things (she is remodeling her house).  The next day Parker Choro was very sick, so we did a couple of companion swaps so that all the appointments were made and both of our investigators were seen.  Sunday Parker was still sick and so they still didn`t get anything done.  Mukaitani Choro and I were able to see three of our investigators though and had two great lessons.  

So overall the week was very interesting.  Not a lot of missionary work, but it was fun nonetheless.  Unfortunately the weather is not very good right now (tons of rain clouds, it`s still hot and it rains on and off).  I really hope we get some sun soon.  

Transfer day is the 21st so if you could not send the package until after the 14th or 15th or something that would be awesome.  That way I probably wont get it until right after transfers.  It will be way easier for me.  
My shoes are awesome and my rain coat is working fine.  

Well that`s about it.  Love you guys, hope you are well.  

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