Monday, November 18, 2013

October 13, 2013

New Area!!!

Not really...  I`m still in Naze!!!   

So I am still with the same companion.  Fortunately he didn`t get transferred.  But Anderson choro (in the other Naze Companionship) did get transferred (Isahaya area, Nagasaki zone).  And my good friend Parker Choro has a bean-chan (a new missionary straight from the MTC).  His name is Culverwell Choro (I think that`s how you spell it).  

My companion is still making most of the food.  But last week because of the typhoon there was no bread at the stores, so we got a lot of pancake mix.  So for the past week I have made pancakes for breakfast everyday.  We eat stew and curry at least once a week, sometimes twice, and we usually have karaage (fried chicken) once a week (with curry it is freaking awesome).  Mukaitani Choro makes a lot of food that he just comes up with.  Pretty much everything we eat, though, is very japanesey.  Unfortunately it would take me forever to describe all of the food to you, but we eat stirfry every few days and lots of cabbage.  It is funny, cause I actually don`t mind cabbage anymore.  I actually like the way Nihonjin use cabbage in food.  It`s pretty good. We eat a lot of veggies, not many fruits.  Carrots, cabbage, green onions, regular onions and potatoes are the most common for us.  

Our basketball activity has quite a few high school kids coming now which is really exciting.  The other activities are proving difficult to plan and execute, so we`ll see what happens.  

Another typhoon is supposed to be coming within the next few days, and we will be unable to do any teaching or anything.  We have not been able to meet with one of our investigators for a few days, which is a little disappointing, but we are going again tonight and I think it will turn out alright (fingers crossed).  

I took out a little bit of extra money just because I thought it would be better to have a little more emergency cash (it says in the whitehandbook to always have enough money to get back to the hombu (mission home)).  I still have not been able to buy an electronic dict. but I have other things I might have to use the money for.

I also ended up getting a smaller backpack.  That`s what most of the missionaries here have.  I tried to get a shoulderbag, but I couldn`t find a good one.  I bought it the first p-day in Japan.  I think that`s the only thing I have bought with personal fund though.  Oh wait, I also bought a shogi board (about five bucks) and a different wallet (one dollar; they have really good dollar stores here that have lots of useful stuff) (this wallet has a coin spot which is important because the only bills they have are tens fifties and hundreds; at least that I have seen; they probably have thousands but I don`t think I will ever see one of those; all of this is obviously in yen).  

I can`t think of anything else.  

I love you.  Thanks so much.  I am superrr excitteeeddd for you package.  

Love, Iain

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