Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Transfer 11 Week 5

Last week I was trying really hard to follow the promptings and guidance of the Spirit.  I have had to learn to put my thoughts and feelings aside and try and learn what Heavenly Father wants me to do.  It has really helped.  

Despite that we didn`t see any big miracles in our area last week.  The only thing that changed was that one of our investigators, Akiyama-san, now has a Baptismal Date and is working to be baptized on 12/25.  It would be super cool to have a Christmas baptism.  He has had some sort of cancer which makes it very hard for him to talk (I think they took out part of his throat).  But he understands most of what we teach him and he reads the Book of Mormon.  He is really great to work with.  

We went to Yatsushiro to do companion exchange with the elders down there who are in my District.  It was awesome.  We saw lots of miracles and through following the Holy Ghost we were able to open people`s hearts.  I have specifically grown to love Family History dendo.  I don`t know a ton about my Family History, but I know that talking about it to people really opens their hearts.  We talked to many people who replied they were Buddhist.  I told them that`s fine, we want to talk about Family History work.  We had some great conversations with people.  On the way home we saw two really cool miracles.  The first has nothing to do with Fam. Hist. but is really cool.  We were walking home and I saw this orange house from the top of the bridge.  I like orange, so I said, "let`s go house that orange house".  Turns out it was a Doggie Salon.  But in the house next to it there was this really awesome guy who we talked about Baptism with. He said he wanted that and we set up a return appointment for Thursday.  
The second was a guy who told us immediately he was Buddhist.  That was my que for Family History.  But before I got my pedigree chart (which I use a lot by the way; fan charts rule), my companion (Bowler Choro) pulled out his MyFamily pamphlet and started showing that to the guy.  Then we talked about eternal families and how through Family History work we can draw closer to our Heavenly Father.  Then he asked a question I never thought I would ever hear a Nihonjin say.  "Even if I am Baptized, what about all my ancestors and dead people?  What happens to them?"  That stunned me so much.  I immediately brought out my picture of the temple and said, "that`s why we have these."  It was way awesome and I know it was led by the Spirit 100%.  If the Lord hadn`t told me to use Family History as a resource for dendo, that man wouldn`t have drawn closer unto Christ.  But I know he was prepared.  And because we were prepared and we were using all the resources at our disposal, the Holy Ghost touched his heart.  It was one of the many miracles I`ve seen on my mission.  When we give everything to the Lord and let him guide us, we see miracles.  

Today we had an awesome Zone P-day.  Our whole zone (about 24 people) came and we played games and made takoyaki pancakes (and regular pancakes).  If you don`t know what takoyaki is, look it up.  Had a fun time.  Can`t believe so many people are dying.  There are 4 members of our zone going home next transfer and one of them is in my doki (the people who came to Japan with me).  It is kind of sad.  

Talk to you next week, Love you.  
Elder Lee

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