Monday, November 24, 2014

November 17, 2014

Transfer 11  Week 4

HHeelloo..  This past week we worked really hard to get people to come to our Open House.  We made over a thousand fliers and just handed them out to EVERYBODY.  In the end we got ten non-members to come.  It was awesome.  Almost none of them were from our efforts though.  5-6 of them came from members.  One of them is a doctor (friend of a member doctor) and we should be able to start meeting with him soon.  He was super cool.  When he was ten he met the missionaries and he still remembers it.  He was super interested in the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ.  

In the past couple of weeks with Bevan choro we have been able to increase our teaching pool and I think we should be able to start teaching more people.  Last week we got to teach five lessons which was super awesome.  I have also been called to a remembrance that I need to put my opinions away and follow the Spirit more.  When we are calm, patient and led by the Holy Ghost, we can bring to pass more than we could ever do on our own.  

Recently Anderson choro (my last comp.) sent me back a flash drive with a bunch of talks he has.  It`s super awesome and the talks are really inspiring.  They help me understand more how to be a better missionary and give me the motivation to do it.  

We have some big goals for this coming transfer.  For Thanksgiving the mission has a challenge from Kaicho to have 2 BD each.  That means we have to work our butts off to find the prepared people in our area and invite them to Baptism quickly.  We also have a challenge to get 250 people to Sacrament Meeting on 12/7.  We have done this challenge once before in September.  The goal was 200 and we got 213.  Before that the highest ever for the mission was like 80 something.  We are really seeing lots of miracles in our mission right now and I know if we really push for this goal we will really inspire the members here.  I think the most important thing in getting Japan to hasten the work is getting the members dendo fire.  I think this will really help.  We also want to get 2 baptisms per companionship around Christmas.  It`s rather tough, but I think the Lord has prepared us to get this done.  

One last thing I learned.  If we really want to serve the Lord, we need to do it consistently everyday, not just when we feel like it.  Or like if we push really hard sometimes and say, "oh I worked hard, so I get a break".  The Lord needs us all the time, anytime we are needed.  

Loving it out here in Kumamoto.  Love you, hope you are well.  
Elder Lee

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