Monday, January 13, 2014

January 5, 2014

Surprise, I am not on an island anymore!  Well that's not true actually, all of Japan is an island.  But I am not on Amami anymore.  So last week's transfer call came in way late (we got them while eating dinner at 8:45pm) and we found out that I was getting transferred to iizuka (a still small area but bigger than Naze was, so more people to contact).  I was way sad to leave Naze, as we had found a really good investigator and I just love the people there, but I am excited to get to work with my new companion, Fender Choro.  He has not been in the mission as long as me which means I have a lot of new respensibilties.  I speak more Japanese and have mre experience and have had more companions than him, but I still haven't had that much.  But it will work out.  I think this transfer will be very fun.  It is funny because when I went to Amami I made Amami into a four man (meaning four missionaries in the ward and in the apartment) and now I got trasferred to iizuka which Fender choro and I also made into a four man.  Essentially Fender and I have never seen this area before (he just came from Nagasaki) so we are completely new (they call this whitewashing).  But it is ok because Tenney Choro and Mabuchi choro are staying here with us (they were here last transfer).  So we will just have to go out with them a few times to find where people are, but that will be fun.  I am very excited.  We will do a lot of finding as this area does not have many investigators.  I also plan on doing a lot of less-active work as soon as I get my bike (it might come tomorrow).  But we are having lots of fun and I am learning lots of new stuff. 
Don't have much more, but I will send pictures when I get a chance.  Love you, stay good. 
Lee Choro yori

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