Sunday, January 12, 2014

December 31, 2013

For P-Day today we went to a park on top of a huge hill.  Took us like half an hour to get up to it, but it was totally worth it.  

For New Year's one of our investigators gave us Rum&Raisin Pokey (if you don`t know what Pokey is you need to look it up right now, no no more reading, look it up.   No I`m serious look it up.  They are delicious Pretzel sticks covered in chocolate, very japanesey).  It was way funny.  We wern`t sure weather we should eat it, but it said it didn`t have alcohol and kids eat it, so we tried some.  It was interesting. 

If you could send me some music, that would be great.  From other missionaries I have heard some great stuff, but if you could send me Alex Boye and Vocal Point I would be happy (also if you find any cool symphonic hymns).  But don`t worry too much about it if it`s hard.  I hear enough music from the others that I wouldn`t die.  We can only listen to hymns and church specific music, so I can`t use any of my jazz cd`s (which I should have known, but...).  

So for Christmas we didn`t end up going to the beach because of the weather, which stayed terrible and rainy and cold and windy, lots of wind, until yesterday.  It actually got really nice yesterday.  That`s why we went to the park today.  Nice and sunny and pretty warm.  We wore shorts.  But we had a fun time.  We stayed at the church and played pingpong for a few hours.  

Sounds like you guys are doing well.  Glad you had a good time at the movies.  Hope your New Year is as good as Christmas.  Have fun, send some pictures.  Love you lots.  


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