Monday, January 13, 2014

January 12, 2014

Can you send me the lyrics to the scottish song we always sang.  This is random but I was just thinking about it.  Something like, "just a wee doch in dorris, just a wee doch thats all, just a wee dok in dorris, a fore ye gang a war"  or something like that.  I kind of forgot. 
So I bought a coat (really cool looking and pretty warm too) and some more socks because mine are not al that warm and some stuff called Heat Tech which is really just long underwear but it works really well.  But it's all good.  Way warm.  But yeah it is really cold here.  Apparently it got below 0 celsius which is like between 5 and 15 F or something.  I don't remember.  But the humidity makes it feel way colder.  If I can keep my feet warm though, I'm fine.  Also I wear my beanie all the time cause you lose so much heat through your head.  Yeah.  But I will try and send you some photos soon.  The jacket I got was about $150 which I wasn't happy about, but it was half off and really nice, so I decided $150 was worth it.  I"ll probably wear it after my mission too. 
So it is way cool to work in a different area.  The members are way nice here and it is fun to hang out with my friend from the MTC.  The only problem is this is a rather dead area.  Not a lot of teaching going on here.  Tenney choro has been here for his whole mission so far and hasn't seen any progress.  Last transfer they talked to a thousand people and they still don't have any investigators.  We have been really busy doing housing since we got here, but it hasn't improved much.  Unfortunately people here aren't willing to listen to our message.  Apparently this area is known throughout Kyushu for being rude.  There are a couple colleges here, one the Kyushu ITC, big deal.  But unfortuanely most college students don't have time or interest.  One thing I have thought about doing is playing soccer with them and trying to build better relationships that way, then mayber we could teach someday, but it is really cold and we would need to find some students that like soccer and would want to play and have time to play.  But we'll see what happens. 
Also I highly doubt we will get iPads here.  Maybe someday, but not anytime soon.  Otherwise the mission president would have announced it.  We still go to the church to email, but there is only one computer which means between the four of us we spend like four hours (obviously we split it up so we don't all wait at the church, but it still takes forever). 
Also if you haven"t sent it yet, a thumb drive would be preferable.  Thank you.  Love you much. 
Sorry I don"t have more time. 

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