Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 4 - July 23, 2013

Well, I have to admit, I really want to get out of here.  The MTC is great and all, but I want to get out into the field sooo badly.  I am not yet to the point where I feel like could hold a conversation with a Nihonjin at all, but I still want to be in Japan. 
We are almost finished with the Myogi (one of our missionary textbooks; looks like a sketch book) which means we're pretty close to knowing all the bunpo (grammar/grammar patterns) that we will need to know as missionaries.  There may be some we need to learn later, but they at least give us a foundation.  Now most of our time will be spent learning vocab.  It's so exciting.  While I can't really understand people all that well yet, it gives me hope, since I know I still have five weeks left. 
One of the best parts of each day is gym time.  Each day (except Sunday, Tuesday [p-day], and Wednesday, so really not everyday) we get 50 minutes for gym.  While we used to branch out and do different things, we are now spending most of our time play four square.  The elders in our district play for almost the whole 50 minutes of gym everyday we have gym, so they're starting to get rather good.  I feel bad sometimes because new people come in and try to play with us, but they get out so fast (usually).  Our elders are just so practiced in the art of four square.  They're even talking about making it an Olympic sport when they get home (might as well, they have ping pong). 
I printed out a bunch of general conference talks today.  I'm excited for my Personal Study Time (PST) so I can read them.  PST is one of my favorite things.  We have a little over an hour each day (this is actually everyday) to focus on reading the Preach My Gospel, Book of Mormon and approved literature (i.e. Jesus the Christ, etc.).  I learn something new every PST, it is fantastic.  But I have found I learn most when I am focusing on my "investigators".  When I look for answers for someone else, I seem to find scriptures that will work so perfectly, or teach me how to explain principles so clearly. 
Meal time is of course a favorite time of mine.  We only get to eat three meals a day and at very spaced out periods, so I am always hungry by food time.  Although I don't love most of what we have to eat (half of the veggies look/feel like rubber) I am grateful the food is warm (mostly) and usually tastes good. 
I love Sundays here; we get to spend most of the day studying the scriptures and going to spiritually uplifting meetings.  It gives us a break from the relentlessness of the language. 
I have come to love class time.  It is one of my favorites.  Our senseis are awesome!  They are both so different, but since we get them together, it works out great.  Black sensei is very focused on the language and teaches us mostly Japanese principles, while Powell sensei focuses mostly on spiritual matters.  Black sensei is huge and hilarious and nerdy, while Powell is smaller (not that small, just by comparison) and cool and is super focused on work (seriously a workaholic).  They're the best!
I know that what I'm doing is so worth it, and I'm so grateful to be here.  Fukuin ga sinjistu da to shitte imasu
 Lee Choro

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