Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 2 - July 9, 2013

Weather here is actually quite cool; I cannot complain.  After last Wednesday I don't feel like I'm floundering with the language anymore.  I woke up Wednesday calm and collected.  I guess I just realized how much I had already learned and recognized the Lord's hand in my studies. 
For the fourth of July we had a very patriotic devotional followed by a fireworks show.  Byu stadium has a fireworks show they put on every year and we were allowed to watch from the grounds of the MTC.  The MTC presidency decided to make an exception to the rules and allowed us to stay up later than we are normally allowed to.  It was great fun. 
Since then, we have been working hard to learn how to speak and more importantly how to teach Nihongo.  I will not say that it is now easy, but it is coming along quite nicely now.  Once I finally understood sentence structure I could finally start saying things (as long as I knew the vocab.).  I still need to learn the particles, but overall it is going well.  Just memorizing words really. 
My teachers are still trying to only speak Nihongo, but since some of us still have no idea what they are trying to say, the Sensei perodically switch to eigo.  I think it's because of our blank stares (mostly mine).  We have two investigators now.  Preparing to teach them is terribly difficult.  My companion has a hard time with sentence structure and talking in Nihongo, while I can't understand what anyone is saying!  On the other hand, I can say almost anything if I now the vocab. (and I know quite a bit now), while my companion can usually follow a conversation and understand the message.  If my companion can translate what the investigator says, then I can do the talking.  We might have to try this sometime and see how it works. 
I am very happy with my district.  They are all hard workers and dedicated to learning the language.  Four out of the fourteen of us have already had some Japanese training, so the rest of us can go to them with questions. 

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