Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 3 - July 16, 2013

Wow.  I can't believe it's been three weeks already!  The time goes so fast!  The phrase, there aren't enough hours in a day is finally becoming real for me.  One thing I have found is the inconsistency between days.  Most days are good, but somedays you feel like you did really good and others you feel like you didn't learn anything. 
The Spirit is soooooo important.  I never realized how important until coming here.  Without the Spirit it becomes ten times harder to understand what anyone is trying to say.  I get lost super easily in lessons when I am not focused on having the Spirit with me.  Before coming to the MTC they ask you to watch the District (essentially a missionary documentary produced by the Church) and one of them says it is the most challenging and draining things you can do.  And he didn't have to learn Japanese!  What he said is definitely true; being here is though.  You have to reject all of your old habits and all the things you used to think about and do, and completely refocuse you thoughts, time and talents on learning (Nihongo and Fukuin [Japanese and Gospel]). 
I am now a senpai, which means almost absolutely nothing.  People serving in Japan come in every three weeks and leave every three weeks, so when the new people come in they are called Kohai (Ko-ha-E), the people who have been here for three weeks are senpai (sen-pie) and the people who will leave in the next three weeks are Daisenpai (die-sen-pie).  We've been here three weeks now, which means we're not the newbies anymore.  It was awesome to see the daisenpai leave; they were so excited to get out into the field.  Tomorrow we get the new group of Japanese speaking missionaries.  It's great to see people come in and out. 
I don't have much more to say, things here are becoming the exactly same and have been for a while now.  It's becoming hard to believe we will ever leave this place.  It's so hard to think of going anywhere else.  But I'm a third of the way done and I'm sure I'll be out in the field in no time.  I'll finally be able to fullfill my purpose and teach the people who need the gospel. 

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