Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

Transfer 15 Week 4

hello family!  This week was pretty good.  It rained like the dickens yesterday though.  It was raining so hard it hurt to ride our bikes.  It was really bad.  We were so wet, it was funny.  We saw a snake trying to swim upstream in one parking lot.  I felt kind of bad for it.  The rain was so hard and so fast that streets were becoming rivers less than five minutes after it started.  I have never had it rain that hard.
We had a great junkai and learned some good stuff, and we also saw some really cool miracles.   The Elder I worked with, E. De La Paz, and I prayed and picked a few areas for the day.  We then went to those areas the next day and at first it didn`t seem like anyone was home.  We prayed again and felt like we should go to a certain apartment where we ended up handing out a BofM.  Then the next area we went to we made an appointment with a lady who knew someone who comes to our eikaiwa.  Then in a later area  we didn`t have a lot of time, but the first door we knocked on we handed out a BofM and made a return appointment.  We were running around all day trying to keep our time frame.  But because we did, every area we went to, we were able to find to person we were supposed to.  It was really cool to see the hand of the Lord as we found some really cool people and were able to share the gospel quite a bit. 
Then, one of the Investigators that the Elders here had been teaching for like a year, finally started to make some progress. For some reason for the entire year the Elders kept teaching her even though she wouldn`t come to church or even take a BofM.  Elder West and I were talking about how either she needs to progress or drop, and then she took the BofM and said she would read it.  She seemed really likely to do it too.  Then we called her to see if she would come to church and she told us that she was stuck in the hospital due to a child patient who has the flu.  Apparently none of the employees are allowed to leave for like a week, and then she will go to Naha (Okinawa`s biggest city) for a conference or something.  At this critical time she`s gone.  Way dumb.

Then on Saturday, after a long day of dendo and not much happening, we were to meet a pi that Elder West was working with a few months ago and who we both had felt impressed to go visit the night before. She took a BofM and made an appointment for tomorrow. She seems really promising and her family is really cool too. 

Then we had an investigator come to church who had always been too shy or had had some other reason for not coming. But we committed her to use her faith and courage and come to church. It was super good and we think that she should be able to progress more now. 

Way excited to Skype next week. 

Love you, have a great week!
Elder Lee


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