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April 27, 2015

Transfer 13 Week 3
So this week we didn`t really have a lot of time to dendo.  We went to Naha on the main island of Okinawa Thursday night.  We then stayed the night there in the Elders apartment and then the next day went to the Okinawa Stake Center a little bit north of there.  That building is gorgeous.  It is just about the biggest church in all of Japan, if not the actual biggest.  It has two Wards, the Japanese Ward and the American (military) Ward.  It was super weird because there were Americans speaking English there, multiple.  And it looked like an American building, so I was super weirded out.  Then we had lunch with rice, which made it a little more normal.  But it was still weird.

The Training on Friday was really good and I learned a lot from the things kaicho was saying.  The iPads are actually going to be a really good opportunity to become more diligent and more focused.  I think because it will be so easy to get distracted it will require more discipline and stronger will power than required before.  I think it will really improve the missionaries (although I can see this easily leading to problems).  

Then we had a special training on Saturday from a guy named Elder McClane.  He was in my apartment in Kumamoto for my last transfer there and is a good guy.  Kaicho asked him to go around the mission and give a special training on how to find and make new investigators.  It was super good and he was very blunt and blatant about how to do it most effectively and what missionaries need to do and not do.  It was so true and I think it will help a lot of the missionaries.  Although I am older, I was still able to learn a lot from it and I really wish I had learned some of that stuff earlier.  

So far we haven`t done much with the iPads.  But overall it doesn`t change much of how we do missionary work.  It`s still a tool and we need to be lead by the Spirit to teach, regardless of the machinery we have.  

Eikaiwa (English class) is super fun.  Elder West and I teach Kodomo (Kids) Eikaiwa.  It`s fun, but those kids are crazy.  There is one that acts super shy at first, but soon she is running around drawing on everything with a whiteboard marker.  She is uncontrollable.  But it`s fun.  

The main difference between here and Hiroshima is that people are a lot less busy and do things at a slower pace.  Which was fun at first because I used it as an excuse to go at their pace.  But over the training and after thinking about it, I really need to work hard and use my time effectively.  I don`t have any time to spare.  

After that, we started watching the clock more, making our appointments shorter and we dropped some not progressing Investigators.  If they don`t want to progress, we can`t help them, so meeting with them serves no purpose for us or them.  We have been way more effective and met some awesome people, saw some cool miracles.  

Amami is also a little different.  But the relaxed feeling is the same and the people are super nice in both places.  I don`t know how touristy it is, although they have plenty of shops and advertisements.  

We taught a lesson to a lady who didn`t really understand much and her thought process was a little weird, but Elder West and I were really able to teach a good lesson because we were being effectively and working hard together.  We are becoming better at being one.
Elder West is really fun and I think we will be able to do some cool stuff before transfers.  

Love you guys, have an awesome week,  
Elder Lee

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