Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 7, 2014

Transfer 8, Week 3

This week brings not a lot of news to report.  It's been rainy for quite a while now and the past couple of nights there was a ton of thunder and lightening which was awesome.  We have been working our butts of to find some new people to teach and been talking to a lot of people, but so far no one new.  This week we have two former investigators left from the previous missionaries who we are planning and meeting with.  Hopefully we will be able to work with them a little bit.  

One of them is named Tanaka and is super good at guitar.  He plays a lot of Rock and Blues and even some Jazz.  He knows one of my favorite artists (Grant Green) and he wants to do a jam session with the missionaries (Harvey E. our ZL plays drums and they've done a jam session before).  So I might play some piano, if I can (I guess I should have practiced more).  Afterward we want to invite him to hear the lessons so hoping that will go well.  

Last week we met a really cool 30ish guy who had been thinking about God and so we made an appointment and talked to him again.  We had a great discussion, the guy is super cool, but he decided he doesn't need the lessons right now.  Story of my life (in Japan).  We also tried to contact a referral that the Kumamoto sisters gave us, but he said pretty much the same thing.  So we're at square one again (housing, streeting, etc.).  But it's fun.  

Yesterday we had an excellent Zone Conference in which our whole zone (now the biggest in the mission) met and got taught by Kaicho and the AP's (Mission Pres. and his assistants).  It was awesome and built our faith to find quite a bit.  I love hearing the cool stories and the stuff they share really makes us better missionaries.  Essentially there is no point in finding unless we are directed by the Spirit to God's prepared people, so we are going to end up praying a lot until we find some investigators.  

This week we are actually pretty busy though.  On Thursday there's a typhoon (the worst in decades according to the missionary couple) so we've been ordered to stay inside until it subsides (yeah for no sunlight or going outside, not).  So that will be interesting.  On Friday we have some appointments with members so we will be pretty busy because of that.  We have built some great relationships with some of the members and one of them wants to visit a less-active with us.  We are also meeting with members to build faith (always good) and try to establish a good image of missionaries (because apparently they didn't have one before).  But I think we will be able to do some great less-active work this transfer (even if we don't have investigators).    

Wyatt's bike trip sounds super cool; I wish I could go.  I think it would be so fun to ride your bike that far (and I probably don't even need to train right now).  Just make sure he's paying attention to the road and not in a conversation or something the whole time.  That's what gets me; if you get distracted or anything you're much more likely to crash.  Make sure to send me photos (maybe collect some photos over the last 3 months and mail them to me again (love that).  

Kumamoto is indeed hot and humid.  The rain doesn't help at all either.  The one good thing about rain is it does get a little cooler and there's usually a little wind, so that's not so bad.  But the day after is miserable.  The typhoon will be interesting.  I really hope we don't lose power because otherwise it will be really hot.  

There are a lot of people in Kumamoto who say they hate Christianity.  They say that religion, particularly Christianity and Islam cause all war and bad things in this world.  In Japan, Buddhists never cause problems, so obviously Buddhism is much better.  These kind of people say they believe in allowing everyone to believe whatever.  It's kind of a self-righteous image they have and considering they don't really believe in Buddhism either (almost no one does), it really doesn't surprise me that they have this image.  In a lot of cases we can have a decent conversation and I think we are able to change some of their opinions.  But when you can't, then it is just really frustrating.  People just tell us they have no interest in religion.  

Sorry, out of time.  Love you guys and hope you guys have an amazing week.  
Elder Lee

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