Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 21, 2014

Transfer 8, Week 5

Hey, guess what?  I went to a freakin' castle today!!!  Yeah!! Woooooo!  Okay I'm done.  But seriously the castle was the coolest thing I have gotten to do in Japan.  We went by bus (because it was faster than bike) and found out about a 1day bus pass for $7.  So we took it and it saved us a dollar on admission to the castle too (usually $5).  It was super cool; when we come back we will definitely have to check it out (a lot of it's wheelchair accesible, because it's Japan).  Then we ate lunch at the shotengai (a big outdoor mall thing) and took the bus back.  It was super fun and the best P-day we have had here so far (maybe the best in my mission).
If you want, you can find out a bunch of info on the castle.  It was a big battle during what's called the Seinan Civil War.  It was pretty much a rebellion from the Samuri during the 1800's (about American Civil War era).  The Last Samuri movie takes place in that war and part of it was filmed in or around Kumamoto Castle (I definitely want to see that again when I get back).  I'll send some photos after.  

Well, we found a pretty good investigator who has thought a lot about God and stuff, but he says he can't understand the Book of Mormon that we gave him because he doesn't understand God.  We tried to explain God to him but he won't pray, so he might be stuck because of lack of trust or willingness to act.  If so it would be really frustrating if he stays there, because he has such great questions and the gospel would help him so much.  He is 70, but he plays baseball and tennis once a week and ceramics once a week and a whole bunch of other activities to keep him busy.  The gospel would give him what he's so obviously looking for in life.  

We also met some super cool guys last night who will hopefully become investigators eventually.  I love doing this because we get to meet so many interesting and cool people.  

So next week if transfer week (surprise surprise, I know it comes so fast, right?).  I am pretty sure I am staying, because Kaicho wouldn't send me after only one transfer twice in a row (I hope).  Part of the reason we came was to firm up relationships with the ward and I feel like we've done pretty well.  But if we leave now it will amount to nothing and I think Kaicho knows that.  Or he thinks we're needed elsewhere and we'll go.  

As far as a package goes, I would like some more deodorant and some more shampoo would be nice.  Otherwise I have a hankering for graham crackers, but don't worry too much about that.  

Love you guys, hope you have a good week.  
Elder Lee

In front of Kumamoto Castle

Beautiful screens

View from the top of the castle

My companion and I at the top of the castle

Me as a samuri

Our delicious dinner

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