Monday, May 12, 2014

May 11, 2014

Transfer 7: Week 1

Well turned out I was transferring.  I am now in Yamaguchi, Yanai.  It also turns out I`m whitewashing (woohoo!).  My new companion is Anderson choro.  And we are the only two in the branch where we are now serving.  

So Tuesday evening (4:30) we got the call from the APs.  We were actually just about to go out and see a member, so we didn`t have the opportunity to email or anything.  I was told that I was going to be leaving and heading up north to Yanai, with an old friend from Amami island (my first area).  I was thrilled when I heard we were going to be companions.  But I was shocked when I realized that we were whitewashing.  WW is when you and your companion enter an area together at the same time.  They take out the old missionaries and put two brand new ones in.  So neither my comp. or I know anything about Yanai.  

Thursday morning I went to hakata station (in Fukuoka) and boarded a bus that took me up to Yamaguchi.  Afterward I jumped on a train and came the rest of the way to Yanai.  Surprisingly, I met up with Anderson choro when I boarded the train.  The train came and as it stopped we saw each other.  We were both surprised and it was pretty funny.  We hadn`t seen each other since he left Amami (my second transfer, in September) so it was cool seeing him again.  We arrived at Yanai station at 4:00ish (I left Iizuka at 8:00am).  Was a long day but a member picked us up at the station, gave us our phone and keys, and drove us to our apartment.  

We got to meet a quaker from Australia on Friday which was kind of funny.  We talked a little bit and then went to find a member.  We have spent a lot of our time so far finding members and people/places in the area, but it has been good and I think we will have a great fun time this transfer.   I love the area and the people here and I love you guys.  

Elder Lee

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