Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 8, 2013

Yeah, I got your package.  I love it.  We all watch each other open packages, because it`s so thrilling, so everyone saw the "P-Day Activity for the Elders".  We`re all way excited.  I saw the sweater but I am trying to wait until Christmas if I can.  I haven`t had to wear my suit all day yet, so I think I`m good.  But it sounds freezing where you are.  Everywhere else in Japan it`s about the same, but not the islands (woohoo).    

I have had to do a lot of work on the Holy Ghost lately.  One of our investigators has been taught everything, but doesn`t think he has felt the Spirit.  So we have been trying to help him feel the Spirit and explain to him why.  Lots of work and we go in circles a lot.  It`s really tough because his Japanese is very blurred and words are harder to pick out.  Requires lots of concentration.  And then he doesn`t understand some of my answers (partly because of my Japanese and partly because he doesnt understand the Spirit).  But one thing I have learned is how important the Holy Ghost really is.  He guides us and gives us comfort and is so important in our everyday lives.  It`s just hard to explain how to feel and understand Him.  As another testimony, we worked with a less-active recently who has been slowly opening more and more to us.  She recently confided that she hasn`t ever felt the Spirit though.  So we are having to teach her the same sort of things we are teaching to our investigator.  I would have thought that converts wouldn`t have this problem, but apparently they do.  Either way, I have realized how important it is to make sure you can feel and understand the Holy Ghost now, because when temptation comes, or you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, it will be much harder to receive and understand guidance and safety.  As your understanding grows, you can tell each hour and each minute whether the Spirit is there or not.  A prophet or apostle or someone said that they check themselves every five minutes to see whether or not the Holy Ghost is still there.  If it`s not they change something immediately to bring Him back.  I have really tried to take that to heart as we try to find investigators and people to teach.  It`s just so important.  

My companion and I are doing well.  Lots of fun.  We recently found an investigator who has lots of interest in the gospel and learning about the Book of Mormon.  After our first lesson we asked her to read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon and a couple verses in other places that we marked for her.  She decided to read the first ten chapters and all of Moroni 10 (we asked her to read 3 verses from that).  She said she loved it, but still doesn`t understand all of it (apparently the japanese Book of Mormon is very hard to understand, even for members; at least much more so than in English).  So we are very excited to get to teach her.  

Love you.  Hope you are well.  Thanks for the packages and I hope you can get mine soon.  Say hi to everyone for me.  
Elder Lee
Lee Choro 
yori より

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