Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 16, 2013

Week three on Amami.  

Amami, I have decided, is one of the most beautiful places ever.  Seriously.  This place is amazing.  It hasn`t rained very much since I have been here either, so the weather has been gorgeous.  The one complaint I would have is that it is hot.  Always.  Because I have been to the east coast, I thought I had an idea of what humid was.  I was right.  Essentially since I arrived here I have not been dry.  The humidity cakes your skin.  Besides which, I am constantly sweating.  Which is hilarious because even though I am sweating a ton (and drinking a ton too) the natives are largely unaffected.  I guess you just get used to it over time.  Every day for the past week I have gotten home and found that my clothes are completely soaked.  Not dry whatsoever.  Ever.  

Since I have been here we have had a ritual of going out for lunch every P-day.  Last week we went to this fantastic ramen restaurant and had real Japanese ramen.  I had a fried chicken ramen which was fantastic. 


Today we are going to an aquarium on the island that is supposed to be really cool.  We are supposed to be eating Chinese food for lunch, which is supposed to be different from American Chinese food and China Chinese food (so Japanese Chinese food; which I think is hilarious).  I am very excited.  

We are teaching an investigator every Sunday who has read to Book of Mormon and has tons of questions.  And all of his questions are super duper deep.  He`s asking questions that some members might not know how to answer.  It`s way fun.  

Everything about this place is awesome.  I can`t understand the people most of the time, but my companion is translating and I think that I am getting better (fingers crossed).  

Thanks for all of your support.  I love you all.  Yoroshigu o-neigaishimasu!

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